Terrorism Hypocrisy Week – Protest Schedule

Obama denounced as terrorist at freedom demo in Egypt

Obama denounced as terrorist
at freedom protest in Egypt

Obama has called for an international summit on counter-terrorism on February 18th. Due to Obama’s unsurpassed contributions to global terrorism, this week is hereby declared “National Terrorism Hypocrisy Week.”

Whereas Obama has committed the following offenses and much more

● Smuggled thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels, which were used to kill perhaps as many as hundreds of Mexican citizens and one Border Patrol agent

Droned thousands of people in allied countries, many who just look like terrorists. He does not put suspected terrorists in Guantanamo any longer, he just drones them. Many children were killed in these attacks. Rescue workers were also killed in “double tap” attacks, a common terrorist tactic

Obama drones first Asks questions later

Obama, the Drone Ranger
Drones first, asks questions later

Murdered three US citizens in an allied country without the benefit of a constitutionally-required trial

● Incited uprisings by the Muslim Brotherhood all across the Middle East and Northern Africa

● Blamed Islamic terrorism on American, constitutionally-guaranteed, free speech

● Supported the Morsi / Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship in Egypt

● Funded, trained and armed Islamic Jihadists in Syria, including elements of Al Qaeda

● Created ISIS via his policies in Syria and funding of Islamic terrorist organizations

National Terrorism Hypocrisy Week is an opportunity to call attention to Obama’s support of terrorist organizations, his own murderous terrorist activities and to protest for his impeachment, removal and punishment for these and many other reasons. Send the details of your protest using the “schedule” menu at the top and it will be listed on this page.

Note: Someone is needed to organize a protest on the day of the Summit, in front of the White House or wherever it will be held.

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