Participants & Supporters

obama-king1Artful Activist

The Birther Report

Give Us Liberty

Impeach Obama Now Coalition

Impeach Obama Rallies of Jacksonville, Florida

Norwich Tea Party Patriots

One Nation Under Fraud

Pledge to Impeach

Renew America

Texas Patriots Unite

Sons of Liberty Riders

Patriots for America

Stand for Liberty

Tea Party Advocate (TPATH)

Tea Party Patriots of Brookhaven (Long Island, NY)

Ventura County Tea Party

If you would like to be listed as a supporter of National Impeach Obama Week, let us know via the contact tab above.

Note: The above participants and supporters represent a wide range of political views, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Anarchists, Occupiers and even some life-long Hollywood Democrats. We all agree that Barack Obama must be exposed and removed from office, not that we necessarily agree on all issues or reasons to impeach.

The effort to impeach Obama is a broadening and growing movement. Recent polls show that 35% of Americans want Obama impeached, about 100 million, and that 21% are not sure. Obama’s support could well collapse completely in the near future. Help us achieve that goal.

We are a group of independent groups that coordinate impeachment protests. Participants in Impeach Obama Week can create their own websites, organize their own protests and emphasize whatever reasons for impeachment they believe are most important. Work with us in this campaign to have the dictatorial Constitution-shredding tyrant finally removed from office and punished for his crimes.