Actually this will be nine days of protest, the protest will include a week and two weekends (August 23-31). Scroll down for the current protest schedule.

(You are also encouraged to contact your congressmen and write letters to newspapers during this time to demand impeachment, conviction and removal from office.)

Washington Post brands us “the hardest of the hard core.” Ain’t it the truth!

If you are feeling “hard core,” click here to schedule your own protest.

Suggestions for protest locations and times are requested from local persons. You do not necessarily need prior organizing experience to do this. Give it your best try. You can be listed as the local contact/organizer with a link back to your page. To have a protest in your area, just find a likely spot in a safe neighborhood and have it listed here. Likely protest sites are busy street corners or at a Government building. Overpasses are good prospects that have fences to keep signs from dropping into traffic and, if possible, with parking and a public facilities nearby.

If you can configure an event on Facebook or other social media and provide a link for sign-up for your event that would be helpful. We can help with that, if you want.

It is recommended that you protest where you are, not travel long distances to a protest. State capitols may be deserted on a Saturday. It may be better to have the protest at a busy intersection near the capitol building in order to have more visibility and interaction with frantically-honking passersby.

Please do what you can to encourage turnout locally. Don’t just depend only on this page to generate protesters. Afterward, send us photos and video of your protest for use in publicizing the events.