• Artful Activist
  • Give Us Liberty
  • Impeach Obama Now Coalition
  • Impeach Obama Rallies of Jacksonville, Florida
  • One Nation Under Fraud
  • Stand for Liberty
  • Tea Party Advocate (TPATH)
  • Tea Party Patriots of Brookhaven (Long Island, NY)
  • Ventura County Tea Party

If you would like to be listed as an endorser and supporter of National Impeach Obama Week, let us know via the contact tab above.

Note: The above endorsers represent a wide range of political views, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Anarchists, Occupiers and even some life-long Democrats. Endorsing this protest means only that we agree that Barack Obama must be exposed and removed from office, not that we necessarily agree on all issues or reasons to impeach. The effort to impeach Obama is a broadening and rapidly growing movement. Participants in Impeach Obama Week can create their own websites, organize their own protests and emphasize whatever reasons for impeachment they believe are most important.

For those who say we are hurting the Republican Party, we are not doing this for the purpose of supporting the Republican Party. We are doing it to support the Constitution and Law. If our supporting the Constitution hurts the Republican Party, then so be it. The Republican Party has a serious problem in that case. That would be just as shameful for them as it is for the crooked and seditious Democratic Party. A pox on both their houses.